Welcome to our consultation website for three sites at Sidney St / Hobson St in Cambridge City Centre

This consultation concerns three adjoining premises (‘sites’) in Cambridge city centre. Two of the sites front Sidney Street and one fronts Hobson Street. Hobson’s Passage lies immediately to the north meaning that it is also of relevance.


Our consultation aims to engage the local community and key stakeholders in exploring the future of this important part of Cambridge city centre. However, the consultation is not limited to the local community and key stakeholders, it may also be relevant and of interest to anyone who uses Cambridge City centre.

  • To share information about the sites and their surroundings with you;


  • To share what we consider to be the key considerations for the future of the sites and Cambridge City Centre;


  • To seek your knowledge and views about the sites, their future and the future of the city centre; and


  • To help inform and shape any future proposals for the sites.

Why are we holding this consultation?

Who Are We?

Learn more about the team behind this consultation and the owners of the sites

The Sites

Learn more about the sites that are the subject of this consultation

Your Views

We are now processing your feedback and hope to present initial uses and designs in the coming months.