This consultation concerns three adjoining premises (‘sites’) in Cambridge city centre. Two of the sites front Sidney Street and one fronts Hobson Street. Hobson’s Passage lies immediately to the north meaning that it is also of relevance.


This is the second consultation relating to the three sites. It aims to engage the local community and key stakeholders in further exploring the future of this important part of Cambridge city centre. The consultation is not limited to the local community and key stakeholders and may also be relevant and of interest to anyone who uses Cambridge City centre.

Sidney Street, Cambridge
Hobson Street, Cambridge
Hobson's Passage, Cambridge


Why are we holding this consultation?


  • To share the feedback from the previous consultation and, where appropriate, our responses;


  • To share the work we have undertaken since the last consultation; an appraisal of some possible representative scenarios/options for the future of the sites


  • To seek your views on the options that we have appraised, our assessment of them and our conclusions; and


  • To help inform and shape any future proposals for the sites.




Who is consulting you?


Rapleys (planning consultants) and Donald Insall Associates (architects) are consulting you on behalf of the owners of the sites. More information on us and the site owners can be found on the about us page.



How can you help?


We would like your views on the sites and their surroundings as well as their future and the future of Cambridge city centre. When you’ve had a chance to review the consultation material we would really appreciate you sharing your views with us by completing our survey or by submitting any comments you may have via one or more of the means detailed on the your views page.

16-17 Sidney Street Upper Stories Wasted Space
Hobson Street Negative Views
Hobson's Passage - Littered and Poor Access


Previous Consultation

Missed the first round of consultation or want to remind yourself? You can find all the details laid out on our previous consultation page.


Check out the options our project team has produced for the three sites. You can explore these through the options appraisal page.


You can let us know your views on the proposed options in any way that you feel comfortable - learn more on the your views page.