21 Hobson Street comprises the former Gala Bingo hall, originally built in the 1930s as the Central Cinema. The cinema closed in 1972 and operated as a bingo hall until 2009 but has been unoccupied since.

Like 18-19 Sidney Street, which it backs onto, 21 Hobson’s Street flanks Hobson’s Passage. It has a distinctive façade on Hobson Street, though this is in poor condition.

The pavement in front of the building is narrow and its effective width is even narrower thanks to a bus stop flag, bollards and utilities infrastructure sited within it.

Hobson Street itself, between St Andrew's Street and Hobson's Passage, is not a particularly welcoming space. It receives only limited direct sunlight, it is a relatively narrow thoroughfare for large vehicles (including buses), it has no active frontages and is not very pedestrian or cycle friendly.