As has been touched upon elsewhere, redevelopment of the sites (for which numerous options of varying extents may exist) has the potential to improve the sites and their surroundings while making them more economically productive and more beneficial from a social perspective.

Possible Uses

Central to the role the sites will play in the future are the uses they will support. Their current planning status means that they cater only for retail (including restaurant/ hot food and drink uses) and leisure use. Redevelopment of the site may afford a number of different or additional uses such as:


  • Offices;

  • Community uses;

  • Residential use;

  • Research and development; and

  • Learning and cultural uses.


The eventual mix of uses in any future proposals for the sites is likely to be informed by consultation with the local community, local planning authority and industry experts, and by commercial considerations and viability testing.

The Design

Redevelopment of the sites would present a number of design challenges as well as an exciting design opportunity.


The design of any future proposals is likely to be the most significant determinant of their ability to address the considerations set out in this consultation and, ultimately, how successful they are.


The key elements of the design of any proposals would be numerous and would be likely to include:


  • Their size;

  • Their form;

  • Their appearance;

  • The parts of the existing buildings they keep and how they replace what they remove;

  • How they interact with their surroundings; and

  • What accommodation they provide and what uses they could accommodate.

The Benefits

A successful redevelopment of the sites could provide a number of benefits. These may include:


  • Economic benefits associated with a greater quantity and quality of floorspace;

  • Space for community, learning or cultural uses;

  • High quality design which improves the character and appearance of the sites, their immediate surroundings and the wider conservation area;

  • Improvements to Hobson’s Passage in particular;

  • An economically viable and sustainable development that will attract high quality occupiers upon completion and into the future; and

  • Floorspace tailored to uses which are part of the city’s vision for the post-COVID-19 era.